French Style Silk Slip Dress

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Style notes

Radiate thanks to this reflective and refreshing versatile green slip dress. The front wrinkle design was made to subtly complement your chest and revealing your feminity. A flattering shape for all body types, to wear inside, and out.

It is made of 90% Organic Mulberry Silk with low carbon footprint and free of any harmful pollutants & 10% Spandex Pure for a stretch fabric and less wrinkles, which are high quality fabrics for a long-lasting garment. Vigorous green color evokes the natural phenomenon of summer cumulus clouds. Chest Wrinkle draped design is sophisticated and preventing nipples from showing.

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Not Just Pajama is a brand-new take on modern sleepwear.

Founded in London 2015 through original design they create silk products that are as young and fashionable as they are luxurious.

With natural silk at the heart of every unique piece, Not Just Pajama is the answer to a sophisticated lifestyle.

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