Geoda Ring - 9ct Gold, Aquamarine


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Style notes

Rocky shape ring handmade in 9ct Gold with an Aquamarine set with small grains around it.
The shape was hand carved in wax and then cast in metal.

Geoda is a reinterpretation of the Gea Series, which is based on the feminine force of volcanoes and the Andes Mountains.
Now we center ourselves in the concave void of these pieces, that contrasts itself with the angles of the exterior volume, obtaining a bigger format with different textures, lights and shadows that make reference to the diversity of feminine beauty.

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Maria Manola Jewellery

Based in: United Kingdom

María Manola is a Chilean jeweller and designer based in London.
Her work focuses on the constant search of an organic and minimalist aesthetic in jewelry.
Each piece tries to reflect the beauty of imperfection from the inspiring landscapes of the South of Chile and the geological forms of the Andes.
Every handmade facet enlightens and adds a little bit of nature to your everyday.

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