Giant Silk Moths Fringed Silk Twill Scarf

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Style notes

Drawings of giant silk moths printed on dark mesmerising ‘Astrakhan’ (Persian lamb fur) background. The design combines the vivid yet earthy hues of the silk moths with the dark textural fur print background, in a classic easy-to-wear size with a playful ‘eyelash’ fringe.
The moths featured on this scarf are part of the ‘giant silk moths’ subcategory of Saturniidae moths. The original drawings are pen and ink and watercolour.

A classic scarf in Italian silk twill, with a subtle sheen. The print is going through the beautiful fabric and showing almost identically on both sides. It has a satisfying weight and drapes beautifully, and the artwork shows exceptionally well on this fabric. Silk is a naturally sturdy material, and in this quality a scarf will last.

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Based in: United Kingdom

Arlette is a visual artist specialising in ink drawing. She started her design career at Alexander McQueen and is now one of the artists contributing to the iconic scarves collections by Hermès Paris. ARLETTE ESS is her own luxury accessories label. All the scarf designs are based on originals of indian ink artworks. The drawings have an emphasis on texture, which translate into intricate, refined prints with an understated elegance. The label started with her signature fur prints. Arlette often uses animals as subjects, but is interested in the stories and meanings we project into them.

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