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Burdock & Amino-acids.

If you are experiencing hair fall, this hair growth serum for men and women is just what you need. Crafted with a combination of natural ingredients, this elixir helps increase your hair’s strength and makes it stronger.

Sunray Serum focuses on hair recovery from the inside out to promote hair growth.
This natural hair growth serum is effective due to the presence of Burdock extract.

The Burdock root has been used in medicines for quite some time.
It contains anti-inflammatory and microbe-fighting properties as well as all the necessary amino acids for building protein that creates hair.
It's rich in phytosterols, polyphenols, antioxidants and vitamin A, which help nourish the scalp and strengthen hair.

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Tbg. was born with the vision of creating natural and organic skincare products crafted from raw materials and free from harmful chemicals or parabens. It is in respect of the earth and the body. It wants to give the skin its perfect balance.

We believe that using the natural ingredients in their natural form makes a world of difference. It is the safest and most effective way to look and feel your best. Nature has given us potential resources which work in harmony with our bodies, making us feel and look more beautiful. We also believe in transparency- honest ingredient listing to enable consumers to make an informed choice.

Tbg. offers its creations in recyclable packaging made from violet glass specially chosen for its unique properties to protect and revitalize the products.


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