Hemp Copenhagen Hand Towel - Charcoal Grey


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Treat yourself to thick luxury hand towels that always smells nice, i.e. do not go mouldy or sour in the bathroom. Enjoy 30% better absorbency and 3 times longer lifetime.

This towel is dyed with GOTS-certified dye.

Hemp requires no chemicals to grow and uses far fewer of the planet's scarce resources vs. all other natural textiles

Sustainability guarantees

Hemp Copenhagen Co.

Based in: Denmark

If water is wet, Hemp is organic. In fact, Hemp is organic, sustainable & antibacterial – all by Nature. And luxurious, too. Always smells nice. Absorbs 30% more than cotton. Lasts 3 times as long. – We have only added Danish design, care and craftsmanship by our trusted producers in Europe and India.

If the world's production of cotton, including organic cotton, 25 Billion kg, were replaced by hemp we would be able to save 50 billion kg of CO2, 55 billion square meters of land and a staggering 125 billion tonnes of clean drinking water every year...

So, our mission is to increase the share of hemp textile, while providing you with products made of truly luxurious fabrics.

Textiles that always smell nice. Textiles that age with grace. Textiles that last a lifetime.

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