Hydrating Facial Toner

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ANI Skincare Hydrating Facial Toner hydrates your skin with calming chamomile floral water, uplifting rose floral water and the gentle, refreshing stimulation of cucumber glycol extract, leaving your skin feeling smoothed and refreshed. A must on long haul flights, keeping your skin hydrated or in the heat of summer to cool down.

We never use: parabens, sulphates, lanolin, beeswax, synthetic perfumes or palm oil.

Hand made in small batches in the Cotswolds, all our products are naturally plant-derived and never tested on animals, which makes them completely vegan friendly.

How to use:
After cleansing, gently spritz toner over the face, leave for a moment then follow with ANI Face Oil and Daily Moisturiser. Or any time you feel the need to freshen up or stimulate.

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ANI Skincare

Based in: United Kingdom

At ANI Skincare, our philosophy is also our life philosophy: Wash regularly, treat with respect, immerse in all that is natural and uplifting. Our products don’t promise to change your life but they could seriously enhance your complexion. ANI Skincare is not about erasing laughter lines - who wants to wipe away all the good times? It’s about getting your skin to optimum condition so you feel confident in yourself: keeping both skin and self-esteem healthy. Remember: smiling does more for your face than any face cream can.

ANI came into being when creator, Joanna Walker, disillusioned with what was available on the market, decided to formulate her own skincare. Her goal: to create a range of skincare using only those ingredients that offer something essential to the skin’s needs and are a pleasure to use.

~ We never use: parabens, sulphates, palm oil, lanolin, beeswax, synthetic perfumes ~
~ All our products are naturally plant-derived as well as being vegan and vegetarian friendly ~


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