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Follow your instincts. Trust .Thrive.
Build on a solid foundation. This is where you find yourself again. You are ready to take on new challenges and grow from a solid foundation when you tap into your survival instincts and release all negative energy. The earthy tones of gem stones like jasper, bloodstone and symbolic animals of I Am Enough |Pure Silk Scarf for women invite a frequency into your day which puts you in touch with your basic instincts. Follow the intricately decorated elephant - she is grounded in her herd through a sense of belonging, affection and togetherness, which allows her to move through blockades.  Slip on I Am Enough to surround yourself with the safety and security of nature's infallible instincts.

Metri Holliday

Based in: United States of America

Metri Holliday designs luxury silk scarves for women who want to elevate their style and mindset. We believe in the power of adorning yourself with a beautiful accessory that reminds you what kind of energy you need to invite in. This is intention-driven fashion. Our scarves are versatile, luxury statement pieces that bring meaningful purpose into your busy day. Infused with meaning & symbolism, each scarf is designed to inspire you.

Our scarves could not be made with anything but the finest silk available, meticulously chosen. They are 100% mulberry silk with hand-rolled hems - the sign of luxury. We chose 16mm silk weight so that it is of durable quality, and heavy enough to be used as clothing.

Feel the sensual soft silk against your skin and remember, you deserve this!

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