Invictus Bracelet Neon Black WG

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Style notes

-14k whitegold
- 21 white diamonds
- diameter 4 mm
- Shamballa drawstring closure

Invictus means pure crystallized carbon and the hardest gemstone in a bed of gold.
Its name derives from Latin and means „invincible“. A little play on words as the word diamond derives as well from the Latin word „adamas" which means „indestructible, untouchable".
Mother Nature produces this fascinating stone deep inner earth with 70 tons of pressure/ cm3, several thousand degrees celsius and thousands of years.
The diamond represents a certain "immunity", inner strength, and motivation. It promotes clear thoughts, consciousness, and spiritual growth.

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Based in: Germany

Pearls and gemstones have been known for thousands of years for their mystical and symbolic properties.
15DEGREESLONDON combines Western and Far Eastern knowledge.
The jewelry is made with as less metal as possible according to the teachings of Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), a German nun, probably the first female polymath and a pioneer in the study of mystical healing methods.
The final refinement takes place in accordance with the already 600 years old Japanese tradition of KODO. It literally means "the way of fragrance" and is the old cousin of our aromatherapy.
Our beads and gemstones are charged and purified with the fragrant extract of lavender and frankincense.
Our three fragrances, which have been delevoped on the same base, are the perfect match for your skin and home.


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