Kaylana Rare Oil

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Based on an ancient royal recipe passed down through generations, this handcrafted organic face oil deeply nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids to treat and beautify from the inside out. Kaylana is formulated from whole plant ingredients that have been hand harvested by tribal farmers in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, and the blends are macerated for up to three months to ensure maximum potency.

Rosehip, moringa seed and peach oils calm and hydrate the skin while also fighting free radical damage and other forms of skin pollution. Oils of sea buckthorn and jojoba deeply nourish the skin and lock in hydration, while also boosting the skins capabilities for self repair.

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Abhati Suisse

Abhati Suisse is next generation skincare and hair care that blends technology with tradition to create a line of contemporary Ayurvedic products. Cleansing, hydrating and soothing comes naturally for the oils, creams and soaps made for hair, body and face. Lavish in their rich consistency, conditioning properties and their subtle yet addictive fragrances.

Our sustainably formulated and ethically sourced botanicals provide mindful care that leaves a tiny environmental footprint and a big heart-print. Each purchase allows us to fund social projects that make a difference by promoting education and female empowerment in underprivileged societies. We embrace our credo of care, compassion and charity to create beauty and beat social injustice.


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