Linen Short Blazer With Nacre Buttons

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Style notes

This fancy short blazer is perfectly combined with dresses or high-waisted pants. The edgy shoulder pads are softened through the neatly waisted shape. The neckline is perfectly rounded and closed with 4 buttons with a nacre look.

The two pockets are super practical for little belongings and the sleeves have one button at the cuff.


MENASHION - Once it was the name of my girls crew in school. For us camping in the woods wasn´t just a trip. We made it an adventure. Today it´s the name of our fashion brand with a studio in Frankfurt / Germany. Our designs are classy & timeless with feminine silhouettes and the right portion of exclusivity. Sophisticated/Polished/Refined enough to rock every day, surprisingly unique to catch one´s eye on the hall way.

Most times we have our heads in the clouds, always thinking in a different way. But in some things we are very conservative - second to none. We stick to VALUES. Cause on the one hand we are always working on the highest quality of our pieces, on producing as fair and local as possible and using sustainable and long-lasting materials. On the other hand we want to encourage you to live a lifestyle full of values. The values of loving god and loving people. Fashion can make your appearance like you are the coolest kid in town. But values give you beauty from the inside like nothing else.


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