Long Reversible Wool Filled Puffer Jacket In Red

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Style notes

The Virgin wool inside makes it is as light as air, feeling like a second skin, and responsive to your own unique body temperature.
This jacket has a timeless classic style and can be worn with formal or casual wear. It is the perfect travel companion whether heading to work, an evening out, or to the Himalayas.
This jacket has a fitted style and can be reversed for an alternative color and style option. The pockets have invisible zips, and the hood can zip on and off. The reversed side is grey, and has a looser parker style, with a ribbon tie detail at the waist and a stripe down the side.
It packs into a stuff bag and keeps you feeling prepared for any adventure that comes your way.
This jacket comes with a crossbody pouch made out of African Print fabric

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“Afromontane” is the name of a delicate eco-system existing in the forested regions of African Mountains, a place of peace, protection from the elements and rejuvenation of the soul. The Afromontane clothing brand is the brainchild of Sandra Bold. It was born out of her passion for the outdoors, nature conservation and the joy of fusing style and functionality. Afromontane creates urban-outdoor wool filled jackets that fuse high technical specs with a timeless classic style, providing a "one jacket for all seasons", ready to enjoy yourself wherever you go. They can be dressed up or worn every day, and the subtle design extras are assured to compliment your own individual style. The wool in our jackets provides a light, warm, water repellent, and wind buffering insulation. Made in Cape Town


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