Macorix Natural Woven Dipdye Tee

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Macorix Woven DipDye Tee is made in a strawlike textile. This tank top made with natural fibers and is dyed in coffee a natural dye with a dipdye technique for a sustainable and ecofriendly shirt. This shirt is great to wear by itself or as a vest.

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Based in: Dominican Republic

hols.e is about self love and accepting yourself, being happy and rebelling against the status quo and society's rules in order to obtain this freedom.
hols.e wants to blur the lines-- between menswear and womenswear, between couture and streetwear, between urban and beachwear, workwear and leisurewear.
hols.e is chic, understated and different for those who want to think for themselves. In many cases, clothes we make are a deviation or variation of what is traditional and normal and out of trend. We make sometimes subtle, sometimes more bold changes that create an up-to-date version of clothing that matches the coolness of Latin Americans.
hols.e plays with techniques and shapes that keep traditions alive through making them modern.

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