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The 2024 Wolf & Badger Annual Impact Report has landed!

by Wolf & Badger


A note from our sustainability team:

We believe that collectively, small businesses can lead the way when it comes to responsible business practices, whether it is switching to more responsible materials, implementing social impact initiatives or considering the carbon impact of products, lots of small changes can create a much larger overall impact. Over the last year, we continued to strive for a fairer world of fashion by challenging ways of working and advancing our practices to reduce our impact and champion industry-leading ethics.

We are here to support our network of independent brands to pave the way as innovators in fashion and to become champions of ethical best practices, to enable our conscious customers to shop responsibly. We are proud to highlight a few of our key achievements from 2023:

  • All brands on the Wolf & Badger platform are independently owned
  • 80% of our designers identify as female, with a further 9% identifying as other gender expressions outside of male/female 
  • Over 50% of our designers identify as being from an ethnic minority group
  • All workers are paid at least the minimom wage
  • We stock brands from over 70 countries
  • Over 2,700 organic products stocked online
  • 56% of our brands manufacture in small studios

Here are the key goals we’re working towards:

  1.  Living wages for all
  2. Ensure our guarantees are incentivising ESG best practice
  3. Increase ESG awareness for brands and customers
  4. Optimise for circularity
  5. Reach Net Zero

As part of our ongoing commitments to improving our Environmental, Social and Governance practices and our B Corp score we will continue to publish annual reports. We look forward to watching as they continue to develop, becoming more robust as we grow our sustainability strategy. Join us on our ethical mission!

Click HERE to read the full 2024 Impact Report!