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The Ultimate Guide To Upcycling Your Candle Jars

by Sejal Assi

Whether you are drawn to a candle for its mood-boosting scent, because you enjoy a cosy atmosphere or as a stylish decor item, candles can transform the look and feel of a room. But, with candles for every room and occasion, lots of candles means lots of empty vessels. Protecting the planet and reducing waste is becoming a priority for many of us so, instead of disposing of your candle jars and adding to the growing waste problem, try our five creative ideas to upcycle your candle vessel and do your bit to protect the planet.

How To Clean Your Candle Jar

Before we can jump into our creative ideas for reusing your candle vessel, we first need to clean the jar before upcycling. 

1. Place your empty candle vessel in the freezer to remove any remaining wax.

2. Wait until the wax has frozen before scraping out the wax with a rubber spatula. Using rubber rather than metal will help stop the sides of your candle vessel from getting scratched. 

3. Using a microfibre cloth, give your empty candle vessel a thorough wipe. To ensure that your empty candle vessel remains in good condition for upcycling, do not use harsh chemicals which may damage your vessel. Your vessel is now ready to be upcycled!

Another method for cleaning your empty candle vessel and removing the remaining wax is to take action during your final burn. You can discard the wax into a waste bin (not the sink) whilst the wax is in liquid form - be careful as the wax will be hot. Straight after discarding the wax, remove any remaining wax by wiping your empty vessel with a cloth and warm water.

5 Creative Ways To Upcycle Your Empty Candle Vessel

Once your empty candle vessel is sparkling clean and you have removed all of the remaining wax, it’s time for the fun part - upcycling your candle vessel to give it a new lease of life. These are my top 5 creative ideas for upcycling your candle vessel so that you can continue to indulge your love of candles, whilst also helping the planet:

1. Repurpose your empty candle vessel into a stylish pen pot to store your stationery.

2. Use your candle vessel as a makeup brush holder to pop on your dressing table.

3. Fill your empty candle vessel with water, add flowers or trendy pampas and use your vessel as a vase.

4. Turn your empty candle vessel into a stylish toothbrush holder.

5. Plant a succulent inside your candle vessel and use as a beautiful metallic plant pot.

Why Upcycle?

Upcycling your candle vessel is just one of the many ways you can do your bit to reduce waste and help to protect the planet. To be as sustainable as possible in your candle consumption, when shopping for candles check the sustainability credentials of the business you are shopping with. In addition, look for eco-friendly candles that are made from natural coconut and rapeseed wax rather than paraffin, to prevent your candle from giving off harmful chemicals when burned. Not only will upcycling your empty candle vessel help to reduce waste, but you will also be able to enjoy your beautiful candle vessel long after your candle has finished burning.

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