The Benefits of Self Massage With Ede

by Eve Williams

We might all be missing our regular massage appointments but there is so much we can do at home to keep up the

practice and benefits of massage ourselves. Here are just a few of the benefits you can gain from self-massage.


There are well known physical benefits to massage like easing muscular tension or stiffness and improving blood
circulation. Massage can even initiate the release of natural pain-relieving hormones and give a sense of wellbeing
that can boost the immune system. We all feel that natural affinity to massage our forehead and temples when we feel a
headache coming on.


The benefits for the body can seem more obvious but there are also many benefits for the mind. For example, massaging
your face or body before bed can reduce stress and nervous tension, encouraging a deeper sense of relaxation and
therefore a deeper sleep. Additional to this, more meaningful breathing is another advantage that can benefit both the
body for those with respiratory conditions as well as creating space for the thoughts in our mind.

Other mindful benefits to massage can be an increased sense of self-worth, the feeling of being nurtured and can help
to focus or unclutter the mind.


Our skin being the largest organ of our body can often be left until last. Carving out this time for the skin can not
only improve skin tone and texture but it's elasticity too because of the increased blood circulation to the

The power of touch

Touch is one of our first senses to develop. In our busy world we don't always have time for physical contact
and yet it is so important to our wellbeing. Research shows that stress and sickness go hand in hand and the more
relaxed we are the healthier we will be. Meaning massage could be the antidote to a stressful day.

Self-massage can bring back balance into our most challenging days. Here's a short tutorial of how you can
incorporate a daily jaw massage into your skincare routine that will help you ease built up muscle tension in your
jaw, neck and shoulders. Remember to slow down, deepen your breathing and relax your shoulders for the ultimate mind,
body and skin experience.

For this massage all you need is an oil-based product to help slip on your face. In the tutorial cleanse it back face
cleanser from ede is used to perform the massage whilst cleansing the skin or you could use needs must face oil as a
joint moisturiser and oil for massage at the end of your routine.


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