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Summertime in London: Where to Stay, Eat, & Visit

by Kyrsta Anderson

London is a city of promise and color. Picture neon lights, smoke, and skyscrapers; pockets of green parks, traditional cobbled streets and funky timeless yards; museums and buildings that house magnificent collections, and art that grows beyond the walls of the buildings themselves. London is a city that celebrates diversity, culture, and the lives of the people that call it home. London in the summertime has a particular sense of magic to it, as the sunshine finally emerges to flood park picnics, museum dates, and wine nights with warmth and ease.

Where to Stay: 

One of the classier parts of the city, stay in Mayfair for a central location, gorgeous architecture, and Instagrammable restaurants. For lodging, the Flemings Mayfair Hotel is known as London’s ‘best kept secret’ luxury boutique hotel, with its own restaurant and tea room. If you’re looking for more bustling nightlife, stay in Soho or Shoreditch; the Boundary London in Shoreditch has 17 rooms each uniquely designed, and not to mention a panoramic view rooftop - the perfect setting for summer wine nights.


Where to Eat: 

You’ll find fantastic restaurants all over the city in any cuisine. In the spirit of summer rooftops, Pantechnicon, a fairly new Japandi restaurant, renders a ‘botanical-filled hideaway’ at their rooftop terrace. Head to Pantechinicon for any meal of the day, as their morning cafe serves classic French fluffy pastries with a Japanese twist (enter rainbow croissants) and of course, matcha lattes. For drinks, try Next Door Records in West London for some delicious wine, vintage record browsing, and a relaxed atmosphere to immerse yourself in a sense of summer nostalgia.


Where to Visit: 

Now for the exciting part, what to do and discover. Start the morning right by breathing in the fresh air in one of London’s parks - my favorite is Primrose Hill. Pause for a moment to take it all in, whilst looking at the beautiful panoramic views of the city where you can see Regents Park, accompanied by the sharp silhouette of London's architecture. Grab a seat on a narrow canal boat and head straight to Camden Locks where you’ll be immersed in vintage shops, market stalls, and plenty of delicious food. SoSo Retro is a vintage stall favorite in Camden Market for the coolest retro homeware, like rotary telephones from the 1930s. 

Allow yourself to get lost in the whirlwind of Soho - its rhythm invites endless discoveries. Every corner is a stimulus to the imagination, including the Laz Emporium, one of my favorite boutique galleries. Amongst other treats you’ll find record shops, cocktail bars, and Ronnie Scott’s - a magnificent jazz bar testament to the beautiful blend of contemporary and modern that is so distinctive to the city. 

On a recent wander, I discovered M.C. Overalls and was instantly drawn by the hand-painted jackets and protest-like placards stamped bravely with UNITY. A word that we desperately need in this current climate and an invaluable insight into what they stand for - creating hardworking clothes that last for all people, regardless of gender. Through their curated designs and innovative collaborations with inspiring artists, this is a brand that truly represents London.