Mala Necklace | Grounding & Protection: Guarded by the Spirit

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“I am centered, focused, and grounded. I always choose to stay in the moment. All is well in my world. I am safe and protected."

Black Tourmaline is known to clear all possible negative energies and act as a protective shield. It is even believed that Black Tourmaline is a shield against witchcraft since ancient times. It protects against electromagnetic damages of intensely used electronic devices. It acts as a shield to any situation or person to decrease your energy in your environment.

Combined with Labradorite that represents our spiritual aspects in the strongest way and strengthens our aura, this mala is hand-knotted on a black thread with gold-coated brass details and completed with Flower of Life as the main form of Sacred Geometry.

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108 Niyettasi

Based in: Turkey

With the motto “Intentional Living” the brand promotes mindful and intentional living and help people realize their most true intentions through the magical power of gemstone crystals. Founded by Merve Uçar Filiz who reflects all the knowledge of her spiritual journey of years now into her designs, the brand was created in Istanbul, on 2018.
“Niyettasi” name pronounced as “nyet tashi” means “intention stone” and “carrying an intention”at the same time and was chosen to reflect the power of mala beads which has been globally known in the recent years and a part of Far East culture. All the malas are hand crafted by women artisans in need and knotted with genuine gemstone crystals with perfect quality and 14k gold coated brass details; combined with heart-felt intentions.


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