Men's Swim Shorts - 100% Recycled Ocean Plastic

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Style notes

Following a commitment of sustainable fashion, we are proud to announce the Save the Ocean Swim Shorts made entirely from recycled ocean plastic. Currently, there are over 269,000 tonnes of plastic spread across the oceans, destroying the habitat of marine life and killing it due to entanglement or ingestion. The print created for these shorts reflects this fact and aims to inspire conversation and reflection in the consumers and their surroundings. It takes up to 6 plastic bottles to make one pair of swim shorts, clearing the ocean of plastic bit by bit with every pair sold. Made in Italy.

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Doria & Dojola

Based in: Austria

Doria & Dojola is a Milanese brand that was born from merging the creative talent of Central Saint Martin´s College of Art and Design graduates, with the expertise of a Biellese cashmere and fabric Producer. Biella is situated near Milan and is known for being the world’s capital of luxury cashmere fabrication. Here, the production takes place using only the finest raw materials originating from dedicated farms with careful treatment of the animals. They are sourced using sustainable and responsible practices. Subsequently, world-class artisans fabricate the collections from them, creating qualitative items meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime. This sets a counterstatement to the fast fashion model, which is pervasive in the industry.


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