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Very stylish and with an expression of relaxed beauty, our MESSENGER makes an appearance. Simple, classic and useful. These are the apt keywords of this extraordinary carrying device. If you are looking for a companion for travelling and everyday life that is not what you see everywhere, you will find it here. We focus on the essentials, the leather and the workmanship. The beauty of goatskin is immediately convincing. It is also robust and resistant, but at the same time supple and extremely light. We work it classically and at the highest level of craftsmanship. Precisely and with cleanly sharpened strokes. We do not use any industrial processing methods at all. The result of our work thus becomes an heirloom of the future. Beloved works of value.

Sustainability guarantees

If your collection contains any animal-sourced textiles and hides, are all hides and textiles sourced as a co-product of meat, fishing or population control of wild animals or free-range farming? (ONLY applies if you use animal products)

Is your collection made exclusively in your studio or by an artisan collective of fewer than 10 people? There should be a focus on preserving artisanal production methods and skilled workers in order to qualify.

Is the manufacturing process of your collection free from child labour and human trafficking, are all workers paid a living wage, and is the factory compliant with all local environmental regulations?

OSTWALD Finest Couture Bags

Based in: Germany

OSTWALD bags are an homage to the self-confident, sophisticated woman with personality and an independent style. Our creations represent the art of combining subtle luxury and traditional craftsmanship. All bags and accessories are created exclusively in our own manufactory, in precise handwork from high quality tanned and refined leathers.

The characteristic, personal signature of our company are complex hard and semi-hard bag constructions. Our manufactory and a total of 40 fantastic masters of their art are specialized in a unique manufacturing method, our "lightweight construction technique". This elaborate construction method enables us to manufacture our creations from fine full leather without compromising the pleasant wearing comfort due to an excessive total weight.

As known for our bag creations, we elaborate our products with special refinement. In the production of our bags we still rely on elegant bag-making methods that have been almost forgotten for decades and are generally no longer used in industrial production due to their high labour input.

OSTWALD Manufactory - a family history for almost 100 years.

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