Moon Sierra Incense Burner

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Style notes

Moon Sierra | 山中月

An extension of our Moon incense burner, this series starts with a ring of bronze as a framing device for the incense. Recalling the original concrete Moon, the design pushes the boundary of reductive minimalism. The incense holder consists of just three parts: the solid bronze ring, a threaded cylindrical bronze for holding incense, and a black stainless steel L dais. The three interlock together without extraneous screws or brackets in a delicate balance. On one side, the bracket and the ring together form the outlines of a cliff. Altogether, an abstracted moon rising in the landscape.

Kin Objects

KIN | 恳

Kin: one’s family and relations
恳: pronounced “ken” (kěn); earnest and sincere


At Kin | 恳, we re-interpret the unique quirks of traditional Chinese culture for the modern life.

We love and live what we do. We are a Chinese-hyphenated family, and our lives are an eclectic blend of all things American, Australian and Chinese. It is this blend that makes us, and makes our home. Eclectic, but elegantly balanced. It is where we find comfort and belonging.

We wanted to create a range of products that captures all of our divergent life stories in their most beautiful form, and for these products to impart the same balance and belonging to you. We want you to feel at home, amongst family.

Welcome to Kin, our home, your home.


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