Mopane Linen Napkin

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The Mopane grows in the floodplains of Southern Africa such as the lowlands of the Zambesi River as it flows from Angola into Botswana.

Known as the butterfly tree thanks to Its beautifully shaped leaves, the mopane is part of the legume family. It is much loved by elephants and makes a delicious albeit brief snack for them. The trees have developed a clever protection mechanism; as soon as they are disturbed by the elephants they pump tannin into the leaves making them far too bitter so the elephants move on. They are not too bitter however for several species of moth caterpillars that feast on the leaves.

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Bertioli by Thyme

A mother and daughter team, Bertioli by Thyme is the daughter brand of Thyme, A Village within a Village in the English countryside and a family story driven by a love of beauty, nature and conservation.

Nature and botanicals sit at Bertioli by Thyme's heart. This is expressed in unique and distinguishable prints that adorn beautiful table linens and silk wear. Hand painted by Thyme’s Founder and Creative Director, Caryn, all of the original prints depict the flora that inhabit Thyme’s gardens, farm and wild spaces and make up our ‘Patterns of Nature’.

We hold close to our heart the words of Patricia Bertioli, Caryn’s late mother, “Nothing clashes in nature, darling!” Caryn’s maiden namesake, Bertioli by Thyme is the next chapter in our family story.


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