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A deeply nourishing, highly anti-oxidant, vitamin and omega rich clear lip balm, with broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, SPF 30.

NAKED FLORA a clear low shine balm suitable for men and women.

Formulated with alpine rose extract from the Swiss Alps and cranberry and raspberry seed oil from the Arctic to protect against sun damage, fine lines and loss of lip fullness. With a powerful blend of seaberry, avocado and blackcurrant seed oils to nourish, stimulate cell renewal and support skin barrier function. Enriched with jojoba, grape and sunflower oil to hydrate, condition and reduce moisture loss. Lips are smooth, healthy and protected all day long.

- melts into the lips to deeply nourish, yet leaves a light, long lasting emollient barrier to reduce moisture loss and protect against the drying effects of sun, sea, wind and cold. Suitable for all climates including at altitude.
- broad spectrum UVB and UVA sunscreens, powerful anti-oxidants, vitamins and omega oils (3,6,7&9) deliver high-performing multi-active defence against sun damage and skin ageing.
- supports the skin’s barrier function, stimulating natural cell renewal and regeneration for softer, healthier, younger looking lips.
- significantly reduces the occurrence of cold sores and encourages healing.

- alpine rose extract -taxifolin, catechin and chlorogenic acid protect the skin against UV induced oxidative stress, free radical damage, dehydration, sun damage and premature ageing. It reinforces cell membranes, reduces inflammation, and decreases the occurrence of cold sores with its strong anti-viral action.
- arctic cranberry and raspberry – tocotrienols (a rare form of natural vitamin E) and tocopherols (a common form of vitamin E), together with carotenoids, flavonoids and phytosterols deliver powerful anti-oxidants and soothe irritated skin.
- omega oils, vitamins & essential phyto-nutrients from seaberry, jojoba, blackcurrant, sunflower, avocado and grape seed oils are absorbed deeply to nourish, hydrate, stimulate skin regeneration and support the skin’s barrier function.
- beeswax & phyto-waxes create a long lasting emollient layer which protects against dehydration, indoor and outdoor environmental aggressors.
- VIT E Certified Gluten Free

NO Petrolatum ∙ Parabens ∙ Mineral oil ∙ Silicones ∙ Sulphates ∙ Propylene glycol ∙ Phthalates ∙ PEGs ∙ TEA ∙ DEA ∙ Synthetic fragrance. Never tested on Animals.

Albus & Flora

Based in: United Kingdom

ALBUS & FLORA is a beauty brand, dedicated to creating clinically effective skincare which protects against environmental aggressors & positively impacts skin health. Founded by Rachel Williams, a physiologist and expert in acclimatisation, our high-performance formulas, are based on a unique & detailed scientific understanding of how skin responds and adapts to environmental challenge over time.

Deeply inspired by the outdoors, we are a beauty brand that captures the spirit of adventure and celebrates the beauty & wisdom of nature. Inspired by botanicals from extreme climates, to protect and deliver healthy radiant skin, we are the essence of modern active skincare.

Contemporary design, multi-functional and innovative natural cruelty-free formulations, are at the core of Albus & Flora and the brand currently produces an award-winning collection of SPF30 botanical lip balms in a range of shades, packaged in beautiful aluminium cases.


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