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This natural grey Rauhansuu Farmester Beanie is hand-knitted by Myssy Grannies in Pöytyä Finland from 100% Finnsheep wool. The color is a natural mix of different colors of wool.

Rauhansuu is the name of isäntä Janne's family farm that has belonged to the family for generations. Rauhansuu farm is located in the Vistola village, Pöytyä. According to the family legend, the farm was named after the great 30-year war between Russia and Sweden had ended 1809. A soldier returning home from the war had shouted: "The peace has come, the peace has come" as he finally reached the village of Vistola. And so when they erected the main building of the farm they named it Rauhansuu - "the Opening of Peace".

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Based in: Finland

Myssy is a farm-based design company from Pöytyä, Finland. Established in 2009 by farmer couple Anna and Janne Rauhansuu. The mission is to bring warmness to the world of fashion and business, creating wellbeing.
Myssy means the most organic and original beanie you can find. All Myssys are hand-knitted by the local retired ladies. These cheerful ladies are the essence of the brand, knitting their own positive energy and wisdom into every stitch, even hand signing each Myssy piece they finish. Myssyfarmi employs 84 Myssy Grandmas being the largest employer of retired citizens in Finland.
They get extra income, meaningful work and a community to belong to.
Unique hand-dyed yarn comes from herds of Finnsheep. The natural color spectrum of wool is wide.

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