Revive Body Brush

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ELYTRUM bestselling Revive Body is made with medium-strength cactus bristles and a coconut fibre handle designed to easily fit in the palm of your hand. Full of densely packed vegan and eco-loving fibres, ELYTRUM body brushes are unique and a must for your daily self-care routine. Beautifully handcrafted, they thoroughly exfoliate and invigorate your body, encouraging lymphatic drainage and assisting you in naturally achieving a vibrant and smooth skin tone and texture. Body brushing is the most effective and simple way to exfoliate dry, dead skin, helping you to achieve smooth, soft and naturally glowing skin and even skin tone.

- Regular body brushing promotes blood circulation and lymphatic flow for natural detoxification and elimination of toxins.

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ELYTRUM was created to support people on a journey to discover new mindful routines and rituals, performed with awareness of their bodies, minds and senses, regaining a connection to their essential selves. Recognised by the customers for their high quality and effectiveness, inherent texture, and indulgent feel on the skin, ELYTRUM beautiful dry body brushes help you to care for your whole body, and achieve naturally glowing skin, whilst finding inner calm in their newly discovered self-care ritual.

We want ELYTRUM to be the best place where you can find high-quality, sustainable body care accessories.

Our luxurious dry body brushes are 100% natural, made with sustainable plant fibres and ethically handmade in Sri Lanka.


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