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Expertly blended with a potent mix of 8 plant based oils this luxurious hair oil has been designed to both heavily increase growth and promote shine. It made with only natural organic ingredients.
With key ingredients including Frankincense and Rose, this hair growth elixir deeply nourishes the hair and scalp, penetrating and repairing the hair shaft at all levels.
Used daily, your hair will be noticeably stronger with increased growth and less breakage.
ROSE OIL for its ability to repair the hair shaft and renew the scalp
FRANKINCENSE OIL used to deeply nourish and strengthen the hairs cortex
ROSEHIP OIL to increase elasticity & shine
CASTOR OIL used as a key ingredient for increasing hair growth

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Antoinette's Élixirs

If you wouldn’t put something in your body, why put it on your body? That’s the motto here at Antoinette’s Élixirs.
Our skin is the body’s largest organ and absorbs everything it’s exposed to, which is why we passionately believe that all skin and hair cosmetics should be made with natural ingredients.
As lovers of nature AND luxury, we don’t want to make just any products; we want them to include the finest ingredients nature has to offer.
All the elixirs are lovingly handmade at our studio here in Chelsea, London. They come with a wealth of expert knowledge behind them.
We are obsessed with all things hair, skin & health (watch this space for skincare!) the perfect recipe to bring you the most effective natural cosmetics.
We believe that self care is health care.


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