Rusty Orange Cashmere Scarf

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Style notes

Rusty orange cashmere scarf in delicate diamond weave that highlights the colors and craftsmanship of each luxurious scarf. The solid color of our scarves is achieved by weaving a natural cashmere warp thread with a sumptuous glowing amber colored weft, creating an iridescent effect. Ends are finished with a natural fringe.
The scarf is handmade in Kashmir, the fibres are hand spun and hand woven, the azo free colors are hand colored. The fibre in this shawl is the finest cashmere from the Changra goat, which lives in harsh climate and high altitudes in Ladakh in India.
Each piece bears the Asneh signature green ‘A’ embroidered in the corner. A mark of our quality and values.
Slight variations in each handmade item are not imperfections but add to their individual charm!

Sustainability guarantees

Is the manufacturing process of your collection free from child labour and human trafficking, are all workers paid a living wage, and is the factory compliant with all local environmental regulations?

Is your collection manufactured on a small scale in an environmentally sensitive manner, from non-synthetic, sustainably sourced materials, ingredients or textiles e.g. beeswax, silk? (all must apply)


Based in: Netherlands

Asneh is a Danish luxury fashion brand. We make elegance easy with stylish laid-back designs for real life. All our designs are made of cashmere, silk and other natural fibres. Our products are fall-in-love-pieces in irresistible quality and design. We do not compromise; looking gorgeous and feeling good are mutually imperative for us.
The name Asneh means love. We believe that to wear cashmere is to love yourself and to love your body because it is so wonderful to the skin, it is also a reference to our love for cashmere, silks, cotton and other soft natural fibres. There is good karma in wearing something beautiful that is soft and kind to your skin. After all what is more positive and captivating than love, kindness and beauty?

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