Satwant Patterned Satin Scarf — Brown

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This sustainable scarf is made with upcycled satin as part of our mission to help create a zero-waste lifestyle for all. Each one of these scarves is handmade with love and finished in an envelope style for ease of wear. Tie it around your neck for a chic accessory or wear it as a stylish shirt.

An AI made this? Yes!
The pattern on this scarf is the result of an algorithm learning to make textile patterns. We train our AI on various art eras, fashion history, and cultural trends until it learns to create its own patterns, and sustainably print the result for wearable art.

Sustainability guarantees


Based in: United States of America

AIMADETHIS creates AI-generated, ethically produced clothing. We are more than clothing: rather, we occupy a niche nestled in the intersection of apparel, tech, and wearable art. From our low-water printing process for our custom fabrics to our no-landfills promise, AIMADETHIS always aims to have a positive impact on the planet.

AIMADETHIS is created by women of color, for women of color — and it does not just stop at our models. Even the most minute detail, such as naming our pieces after those who would never see theirs on a keychain, is done with love and care towards our community. AIMADETHIS is a revolution, who better to lead it than those always abandoned in the name of innovation?

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