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Cast in 100% recycled brass and plated in 14K gold, our uniquely weird Grill Hoops send a message with a smile the true meaning of which only you can know for sure. Each K9 flashes with a sparkling crystal inset, and hidden within is a secret compartment to hold your very own personal treasures.
Have you ever lost your teeth in a dream?  Symbolism suggests this stems from the feeling of loss of power in your waking life.  Take your power back and confidently wear your teeth on your ears.  Not only that, write your manifesto and store it in the secret compartment of this hoop earring.

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Living Pearl

Based in: United States of America

Inspired by the only gemstone created by a living organism, Living Pearl is a lifestyle brand designed for those who express their uniqueness through fashion and accessories, and are not bound by passing trends.

Pearls form naturally, layer by layer, each slowly acquiring its own unique glow and symmetry - a wild beauty hidden inside the shell of a living mollusk. Living Pearl is a carefully crafted and curated expanding line of jewelry and free flowing garments that stand apart from seasonal fashion trends. Like its namesake, Living Pearl has a quirky charm, timeless and unique - a fierce and quiet beauty all its own.

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