Suede Leather Multicolour Patchwork Coat & Dress

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Style notes

The softest suede patchwork coat & dress. Any way you style it, you can be sure you will turn heads! Wonderful flavour of 60's and 70's and at the same time — so avant-garde.

The production of this beautiful piece is rich in Colombian craftsmanship and artisan heritage. From first stitch to last, this garment was made in a Bogota workshop by one of ZUT's fine artisans.

Each patchwork coat is an individual and unique garment and colour combinations may vary.

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Is your collection made exclusively in your studio or by an artisan collective of fewer than 10 people? There should be a focus on preserving artisanal production methods and skilled workers in order to qualify.

ZUT London

Two extraordinary Colombian designers; Marie Clara Sayer and Johanna Bickenbach, with a passion for elegance and honest ethics in business started the ZUT journey in Bogota over 30 years ago. Using ultra-fine soft Colombian leather, suede and alpaca the two friends design exquisite garments; classical, contemporary and avant guarde. Each design is enriched with a deep understanding of sophistication and style. Every piece improves with age for a lifetime of wear.

The softest leathers and suedes are the by-product of the free-roaming goats of the indigenous Wayuu tribe. Each garment from first stitch to last, is elegantly crafted by one of our meticulous artisans, using traditional skills to mould the material into the finest finished article. The intricate beading embellishing some styles is an ancient artistic tradition of the indigenous Embera people. It is with great pleasure that we employ these traditional skills to offer ZUT London to you. This helps maintain the lives of our local people.

Our hope is that you love each individual item of ZUT London as much as we do.


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