Tropical Hibiscus Lace Mask

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Style notes

Shaped to offer full coverage over the nose and mouth. The inner mask hooks around the ears with central stitching, and the white and glitter animal print inside the mask adds a fresh glam vibe to the Chantilly lace on the exterior with 80 cm lace ties on each side.

The lace ties can be worn in several ways whilst wearing the mask, and also when not wearing it across your face. Tie around your neck, ponytail or attach to your favourite bag to add a splash of colour to your look.

Subtle irregularities are an organic part of the design process.

Sustainability guarantees


Naryn is a women’s premier multi-purpose fashion accessories brand. All our luxury face masks are made in the U.K. More than ever, we need to be conscious of the world we share and the need to protect each other. The idea of the scarf mask as a multi-purpose accessory was developed to enable people to keep the mask at hand at all times and to give the wearer much needed joy and excitement of personalising their style at the same time.
Fashion accessories let you express your personality, update your wardrobe, create different looks and add an accent to any ensemble to make every woman shine.
Multi-purpose accessories help save money and help the planet!


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