Under A Loggia Single Neckline Earring

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Traditional known as "Picture Jasper" or "Landscape Jasper," this prong set version of the Single Neckline earring is perfect for everyday wear. Picture Jasper also means a window into the Earth, which makes you feel more calm and less anxious.

The ring is named after a fictional story of the same name in the film adaptation of "A Room with a View" (1985).

This stone came from the stock of gems of a jeweler that has since passed, who spent years collecting these rare stones before they landed at Bijules Incubator. It is an honor and a wonderful experience to give life to an old gem.

Part of the new collection VITREOUS THREASURI.

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Angely Martinez Jewelry

Based in: United States of America

Angely Martinez is an award winning jewelry designer based in New York City. Creating works that are bold and out-of-this-world, her work is influenced by the beauties of nature and fantasy. She draws inspiration from the Baroque period, Rococo, Art Nouveau, theater and the avant-garde. Her favorite artists are Frida Kahlo, Alexander McQueen, Erte, Fragonard, and Rembrandt.

Angely is launching VITREOUS THREASURI, her new collection for Fall and Holiday 2020, as part of the Curated Designer Porgram by Bijules Incubator for Wolf & Badger. Bijules Incubator is a talent development program for emerging and independent jewelry designers, artists and brands from diverse backgrounds.

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