Vegan Cactus Leather - Kaushal Bag - Lime

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Style notes

A bag with a PURPOSE. Or multi-purpose. Can be worn as a belt bag, crossbody, double strapped shoulder bag, clutch and more. We leave the creativity to you!

Made from Cactus Leather, a water resistant and durable material.

Each bag has a lab-grown diamond on the Elephants trunk to highlight its importance. Almost 100 Elephants are killed every day due to the illegal ivory trade, man made wells, drought and human-wildlife conflict.

We donate EUR 35 towards R.E.S.C.U.E., an organization in Kenya which protects and nurtures Elephants in the wild.

In collaboration with Kaushal - “Elephants are one of my favourite animals & I am beyond thrilled to be able to showcase my love for them through my collection with AMARÉ. They symbolise so much strength, protection wisdom & goodluck"

Sustainability guarantees

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Are all items in your collection made with at least 90% plant-based ingredients or materials, e.g. tencel, cotton, hemp, modal, coconut, pineapple? (There can be NO leather or animals based products in your collection for you to receive this icon).

AMARÉ Vegan Bags

Based in: Belgium

AMARÉ is a PETA-Approved Vegan brand. All our products are handmade in Italy using CACTUS LEATHER, a cruelty free and environmentally-friendly material.

Our aim is to create awareness on endangered and ill-treated animals. The wilderness and its mysteries have always intrigued us. To reconnect and contribute to the welfare of our planet, we have created these limited edition vegan bags, with each animal telling its own story. We add diamonds and gemstones to the eyes of the animals as subtle accents to our design.

Why Cactus Leather?
The mature leaves of the plant are cut without damaging the plant itself. Leaves are sun dried to further reduce energy consumption. Natural rainwater is used to harvest the crop. It is PVC FREE. 100% organic. Free from pesticides and herbicides.


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No Animal Testing
No Fur