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ADITI was born in 2021, under the creative effort of Serena Ferretti and her will to create a sustainable and valuable athleisure brand. The whole project is inspired by a heart-felt passion for yoga and the consciousness of being part of a limitless and precious entity, to protect and celebrate everyday. The name ADITI (Goddess of the Universe) is deeply evocative and connected to the brand identity, as it brings a message of Infinity, boundless life, regenerating power, freedom. ADITI is a path of gratitude and growth, vision of a life full of light and grace. The aim of the collection is to offer a versatile, refined and contemporary athleisure look, to be worn in any occasion. Each product embodies the creativity, quality and love for details typical of the Made In Italy.
Responsible Packaging
Happy Worker
Independent Brand
Re/Upcycled Materials