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AKI ROC JEWELRY is a minority-mom-owned business that specializes in creating stunning, original Snake jewelry that is deeply meaningful & spiritually empowering. My inspiration came from The INCA TRILOGY, which is the 3 stages of life, from my trip to Machu Picchu. Discovering it was the biggest push for transforming and healing the most difficult time of my life. ~Thus, my collection "REBIRTH" was born in 2019. The entire products of AKI ROC JEWELRY are proudly 100% handmade by me, Aki, in JC & NYC. It's made with high-quality jeweler’s Brass, recycled Sterling Silver & Gold. The symbolism behind the serpent is the underworld, which represents transformation, rebirth, & spiritual awakening. ~As a snake sheds its skin, we shed our self-limiting beliefs and go beyond our limitations
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