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Ana y Francis Tejedores Handwoven

Ana y Francis Tejedores is our high-end fashion and home firm. Inspired by the nature that surrounds us, we handweave each piece on our looms, with 100% natural, organic or recycled fibers, in our studio in Andalusia, Spain. In our unique and different design creations, the exquisite neatness of the fabric and its finishes stand out and the diversity of fabrics and textures, the result of extensive knowledge of handweaving techniques. With the idea of responsible consumption, we encourage you to ask where it is made, how, by whom and with what, offering you timeless, garmentsthat you can wear, use and enjoy for a long time. Ana y Francis Tejedores is design and craft in its purest form, for those who seek beauty and quality in their day-to-day lives, value crafts, design and exclusivity.