DRAJÉE London is a fine jewellery brand that is obsessed with accessible beauty. We design incredible, solid gold jewellery you can wear every day. Our pieces are stylish, wearable and crafted from the most opulent materials. DRAJÉE London provides a touch of luxury that elevates your everyday look and leaves you feeling extraordinary.

DRAJÉE London is inspired by dragée, a candied sweet with a delicate shell that transforms a simple confectionary into something truly special. That’s how we see our jewellery - the perfect accessory to define your look and reflect your inner beauty. We are committed to jewellery that is sourced and produced to the highest ethical standards. All of the materials we use in our pieces come from sustainable sources and we use ethically sourced diamonds throughout our collection. At DRAJÉE we are committed to a bright future, for everyone.

VAT: 266012427