Isabel Manns

Isabel Manns is a British contemporary womenswear label offering high-end REVERSIBLE clothing that is sustainably made in London. Isabel designs all of the prints, which are printed onto luxurious fabrics.

Isabel's clothing is intended to be worn from the day into the evening, throughout any season, by simply reversing the item of clothing. With a clientele spanning all ages, the creation of clothes that flatter all generations and sizes is integral to the brand. All of her garments are produced in London, by sustainably conscious seamstresses who ensure the fabric is cut economically to minimise waste. The prints and pattern pieces are also designed in such a way that the fabric waste is kept to a minimum.

Sustainability is at the core of her brand, as she does not believe in “throw away fashion.” The reversible items mean that you buy less and contribute less to landfill. Any fabric that is left over from producing her clothes is saved and used to make our scarfs and pocket scarfs.

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