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Founded by Elif Turhan in 2023, Lilamie has been established with the aim of creating timeless, fashionable, high-quality pieces, as opposed to today’s fast consumption habits and disorders of style. Lila – being one of the rarest colors that appear in the sky during sunset - symbolizes rebirth and hope; as well as the moment when night embraces the day. This exemplifies the harmonious integration of sustainability and aesthetics for us. Every Lilamie product is made from precisely selected, sustainable, natural, high-quality materials, and in full accordance with ethical values. Being inspired by the colors and textures of nature, Lilamie collections are not only created by using the finest quality materials, but also the highest level of craftsmanship.
Responsible Packaging
Skilled Artisan
Charitable Donation
Natural Materials
Independent Brand
Re/Upcycled Materials
Carbon Reduction