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Vidi Blak

Vidi Blak are a passionate, independent and forward-thinking women’s and menswear brand. They are focused on unique and sustainable fashion. The brand was established in January 2023, Vidi Blak was created by an innovative and experienced team of industry professionals who have been working in the fashion industry for over 20 years. Using their expertise in garment construction and design, the core mission is to fuse sustainability with luxury. Vidi Blak makes use of the most innovative techniques to reduce fabric waste and one of the first things you will realise whilst browsing Vidi Blak’s collections is that many products are made with combinations of differing fabrics. Vidi Blak prides itself on being a sustainable brand, mostly using reclaimed luxury fabrics to reduce fabric waste.
Skilled Artisan
Responsible Packaging
Re/Upcycled Materials
Happy Worker
Independent Brand