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Grabbing Love With Both Hands With Sarah Rose Harrison

by Sarah Rose Harrison

Sarah Rose Harrison is a stylist and contributing fashion editor at Marie Claire

During times of chaos and upheaval, love is the thing we all seek. Thankfully it can be found everywhere, bringing comfort and joy in things both big and small, both out in nature and in ‘treats’ purchased for oneself. For me, my very needy puppy Mabel brings me deep solace in times of worry and since moving into our first home together (with my partner), I’ve been nesting and creating a calming space that soothes even Mabel’s wildest zombies. Adorning it with things that spark a level of joy Marie Kondo would be proud of.

After being separated from friends and family over the past two years, photographs and sentimental momentos sit joyfully amongst dried flowers, sea shells and candles. Beloved faces becoming art and solace found in happy details (think, playful pull cords and jolly plates). So as the world went into an anxiety-inducing upheaval I, like everyone I know, deeply immersed myself into a cycle of constant news updates and alerts. Signing petitions and donating yet feeling useless within the safety of my home whilst others were fleeing theirs.

I read a post shared on Instagram the other day (where else, eh?) and it reminded me, in that life affirming way, that stops you mid-scroll-and makes-you-reconsider-your-life-way, that true luxury is life and love.

After postponing my wedding a year, we spontaneously ticked off our legal registry last summer and I walked down the sun drenched aisle of a local orangery to ‘Here comes the sun’ so this print gives me daily hope the wedding I’ve spent the last two years stewing is actually happening this summer, while simultaneously reminding me of the love held in that special day.

After the last few years (and weeks) reiterating how flimsy and fragile life can be there’s never been a more poignant time to grab love by both hands.

Self-love is at the core of love, with the age old adage that one can’t ‘really love another until you love yourself.’ For me that’s found within self-care, indulgent moments of calm amongst the chaos or work and the world. Closing the door and having a long bath with luxurious oils and salts, setting aside 15 minutes each morning as a ritual to use this genius no-fuss cryotherapy ice-massager or doing a full at-home facial with all the bells and whistles.

However you find love, whether in your home or self, grab it with both hands this month.