Dressing Up At Home With Elizabeth From Manrepeller


Elizabeth here (@elizcardinal if you are one of my followers and know me by that) and I have been quarantined for 30 days now. It's been a strange experience which began with a ton of activities: growing an herb garden, painting a 4x5 foot painting, starting a sourdough starter... but then, as each day blended into the next, I began to go to sleep with the sun, and waking up before it comes up. My days are determined by my work zoom calls and projects, and revolve a lot around what I'm going to eat next. What I've found helpful to keep myself excited and inspired (and quite frankly, keep the days separate from the nights) is dress the heck up in the most fun thing you can think of (even if it's just a pair of silk pajama shorts, a cozy embroidered sweater and slippers). Add some of your favorite jewels (the more vintage and over-the-top the better), light and candle and cozy yourself into a blanket with a good movie. And don't forget to take deep breaths. We'll get through this one fun home outfit at a time <3 xoxoxo


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