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Summer Style With Matt Hambly Of GQ Middle East

by Matt Hambly

Hey, I’m Matt (@matthambly on Instagram), I live in Dubai and I edit GQ Middle East's website.
I arrived in the Middle East in September of 2019 and even in that short time, things have changed enormously. We went into official lockdown in late March, but this is a country set up for staying indoors. Such is life in a country which hits 40 degrees-plus from May to September. 

I'd like to tell you I've written a novel while trapped inside but that would be nonsense. I did, however, learn to solve a rubik's cube, cook chicken marbella and make tiramisu. I also fostered a cat called Tauriel, who is sat on my lap as I'm writing this, giving me notes on my syntax. 

My edit is full of a lot of plain and monochrome clothes because that's how I like to dress. But I'm going to make special mention of the black hoodie because an item like that makes everyone's lives better, no matter what you're doing.

In the meantime, stay safe, and if anyone needs Netflix recommendations, I've watched all of it.