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The New Normal With Sarah-Rose

by Sarah-Rose Harrison

Sarah-Rose here (@sarahrosegoes/@styledby.sarahrose if you know me by those) and I’ve been living an almost entirely isolated life for eleven weeks now. Gosh, hasn’t it been the weirdest and wildest time. With my usually busy work routine – prepping clients for shoots, TV projects and red-carpet appearances – completely coming to a halt I’ve taken up painting, baking, worrying and dog grooming – my poor Archie has been very patient! 

Whilst I have no hope, or talent to pursue these ventures professionally once life resumes – Arch is most relieved – I’ve found that the easiest way to keep myself inspired is by mixing up my everyday environment and keeping to a routine. I’ve rearranged the lounge more times than I can count, taken to dressing up for essential shops and have been doing my best to keep a distinction between day and night: without once compromising on comfort. 

Keeping some sanity whilst working from home has been something I’ve spent the last two years working on since going freelance. After spending years in chatty offices and part of busy teams, I found the quiet at home looming and made the initial error of filling silence with TV shows and movie re-runs. Don’t do this if you’re looking to be productive! I have learnt however that getting dressed completely lifts my mood, as does filling vases with flowers – both of which I’ve found instantly boost a tired end-of-day Zoom call.

As I’m not getting in anywhere near the steps I usually would during this time (I’d hit 20,000 most days out on appointments prepping for jobs) I’ve found it incredibly important for my mental health to fit a workout in each day. Whether that’s a morning stretch or a yoga or remote class (I’m obsessed with Centr as you can just use whatever’s at home with you- I used tins of beans yesterday) I’ve been pushing the furniture to one side and changing into my favourite gym kit.

I’ve committed to ending each day on a positive, lighting a candle, smothering my face in oils and settling into an evening on the sofa with a great glass of red, cosy blanket and a comedy special. John Mulaney and Joel Dommett's are my go-tos!