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ADITI was born in 2021, under the creative effort of Serena Ferretti and her will to create a sustainable and valuable athleisure brand. The whole project is inspired by a heart-felt passion for yoga and the consciousness of being part of a limitless and precious entity, to protect and celebrate everyday. The name ADITI (Goddess of the Universe) is deeply evocative and connected to the brand identity, as it brings a message of Infinity, boundless life, regenerating power, freedom. ADITI is a path of gratitude and growth, vision of a life full of light and grace. The aim of the collection is to offer a versatile, refined and contemporary athleisure look, to be worn in any occasion. Each product embodies the creativity, quality and love for details typical of the Made In Italy.
Re/Upcycled Materials
Responsible Packaging
Independent Brand
Happy Worker