ARUM London

Arum is a brand of beautiful scented candles designed to elevate your everyday. At Arum, we are firm believers that it only takes a little effort to live a more inspired life. Nice plates, freshly cut flowers, a wine carafe on the table - all of these objects are designed to add a bit of joy and beauty to our lives. We find luxury in doing everyday things properly.

Our candles are a reflection of this philosophy. With a background in fashion art direction, brand development and e-commerce, we made it our mission to make sure that the little time we have at the end of our day is spent royally. That’s how these products were born.

A blend of perfumes, essential oils free of any parabens and 100% natural paraffin-free wax is hand poured by a small team that obsesses over every detail. Our candles are ready to be shipped worldwide from the heart of London to bring you a spark of luxury (for approximately 40 hours).