Esri Skincare

I developed Esri Skincare in March 2020, literally on my kitchen table. I wanted to create an ethically-sourced, luxurious and natural skincare line specifically for the health-conscious, 30 something and over woman who knows herself on a spiritually conscious level, dares to be non-conformist and is free spirited. Esri Skincare fans are interested in beauty and refinement and love products that not only refresh, sooth and hydrate but also rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Our customers enjoy ageless skin and that elusive fabulous glow we all want. It’s that simple.

My brand is unique in a number of ways. Firstly, all the ingredients are 100% natural which means they are biocompatible and work with your body and not against. I use pure essential oils in all Esri skincare products and each essential oil is specially selected to target your specific skincare issues. All ingredients have a distinct, physical, mental and spiritual attribute, to help you feel healthy, revived and rejuvenated. Not that different you may say. But the overall formulations I use are my own recipes and from the heart. And it is this heart-centred approach that sets my brand apart from others.

Icon for No Nasties

No parabens, sulfates, petroleum, mineral oil, phthalates, micro-plastics or synthetic fragrances are used in any of the products in this collection.

Icon for Cruelty Free

The products and constituent ingredients in this collection are not tested on animals.

Icon for Vegan

Alternative materials/ingredients have been used where an animal product would normally be used.