Ezra Amarfio is a contemporary men’s accessory brand, firmly rooted in British heritage. Our impeccably crafted collection of ties, bowties, pocket squares and scarves is infused with the spirit of the classic English gentleman, presenting perfect compliments to traditional tailoring.

Developed with a view to renew interest in artisanal British production, we focus on using local technical knowledge and resources. Our individually handcrafted pieces are a testimony to a country rich in know-how and heritage. Fabrics such as ancient madder, silk grenadine, Scottish cashmere, merino wool and Harris Tweed narrate our affinity for fine textures and sophisticated hues. Synonymous with sartorial culture, these fabrics tell a story of ambitious exploits, leisurely escapades and a lifestyle that calls for considered sartorial choices. Crisp textures, tactile checks and sumptuous silks channel this polished, rakish appeal, with subtle updates.

Unexpected contradictions, sleek construction and uncompromising finishes are the hallmarks of Ezra Amarfio. Each piece, a limited edition item that lends itself to an evolving menswear landscape, in which tradition and modernity coexist with beautiful results.

VAT: 246423414