Gelso Milano

Gelso Milano was born by bringing together the art of fine Italian artisanry with inspiring new fashion trends, eye rejuvenating materials.
We produce Italian crafted high-quality silk wear, accessories and bedding with a production process that is carefully studied to merge the Italian tailoring traditions with innovative technology.
Our Italian artisans contribute with their heritage to tailor a product with an impeccable fit. In fact, for us it is a family affair, a tradition that is passed on in generations. The secret of the cutting techniques used is kept in the family and applied to each piece by hand. This gives us the emotion of knowing that there is something extraordinary in what we do, which is the special something that is finally transmitted to our clients.

VAT: 11065560960

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This collection is entirely made in the designer’s studio and/or by an artisan collective of fewer than 10 people.

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This collection has been produced on a small scale, with environmentally sensitive production methods; the constituent materials have been sourced sustainably, and conserve biodiversity.

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All of the pieces in this collection are one-off pieces.

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