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Gem Bazaar Jewellery

Over 15 years ago, the founders of Gem Bazaar walked into a room in Delhi that was on fire. The light of a thousand suns exploded off gemstones of all descriptions. Their stories, their colour, their brilliance became the centrepiece of the fledgling company. Since then, Gem Bazaar has existed to make these glorious gemstones the centrepiece of bold, unusual and glamorous rings and earrings, set in .925 silver and 18k silver gilt. These days, particularly, our earth becomes more valuable by the day. Nothing complements a woman like a gemstone - an exquisite fragment of colour and light frozen in time, reflecting the earth's story in it's very existence. Gem Bazaar jewellery celebrates the joy of womaninity, both of being and wearing what is natural and real. 

Gem Bazaar Jewellery's sustainability and ethical guarantees: