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Hey Harper

Hey Harper is a Portuguese brand founded in 2018 which stands for uniquely designed jewelry with everlasting color. The main premise behind our concept is that the color of our necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and anklets remains intact due to being completely waterproof. This is possible due to a coating process called PVD - Physical Vapor Deposition that Hey Harper uses to coat all products in gold tone. Why do we love it? Gold PVD coating can be 10 times thicker than standard gold plating; PVD is a vacuum coating process that produces a brilliant decorative and functional finish; PVD utilizes a titanium nitride that provides an extremely durable coating that makes our jewelry more resistant to corrosion from sweat and regular wear than the usual gold plating.

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the Hey Harper collection at Wolf & Badger.

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